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Client Testimonials


I don't remember that I ever enjoyed and learned so much in one session with any health professional as with Paulette.  She always listens attentively to my issues  and addresses them with superb knowledge and expertise. I appreciate the consultation every time. I'm so grateful to have her as my nutritionist. She is the best I've ever known.
- M. Johnson, Venice


Upon my yearly physical last year, my primary doctor diagnosed me with both pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes. UGGGGHHHH. I had just turned 50, and I was absolutely floored. This could not be right - my exercise routine was  above average as I run 3 miles per day at least 4-5x per week, resistance training 2-3x per week, hike, mountain bike, snowboard, golf, etc ...I was in very good shape. My diet - I thought was pretty decent - smoothies or oatmeal for breakfast, salads for lunch, and chicken for dinner. My doctor decided to put me on a low dose high blood pressure pill, and said he would have me come back in 6-7 months.


Being a little bit Type A - I decided to seek out more help and found Paulette Weber, RD, LD/N, CLT  online after reading a number of great reviews. And I am SO happy to report another success story with her guidance.


Paulette was extremely professional and did a thorough history to get to the root of the problem.  We went through my entire diet which included discussion on vitamins, minerals and medications. We decided to do some testing to see where I actually lacked. We changed my diet to make sure I included some protein with all meals. She changed my supplement program to add critical vitamins and removed others that were not necessary.  She determined that I had become insulin resistant - which appears to be a popular problem among many Americans in my age category.


Upon my follow-up appointment with my doctor - blood pressure was perfect and medication removed!!!  AND My blood sugar was right where it needed to be!! My insulin mechanism was back on track.


I am very grateful to have found Paulette, and recommend her highly to anyone needing that extra help to put you on the right path to awesome health!

- Betsy P, Lakewood Ranch


Paulette is a game changer. In my career I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work with over a dozen dietitians and Paulette clearly stands out as the one who changes people’s lives.


When I compare the results and progress I see in my own clients that are mutually shared with Paulette, it is clear she is common factor why so many are succeeding.


If I spent the rest of my life studying nutrition I would still not be able to come close to information I have heard Paulette share. Furthermore, she cares more about her clients than I have ever seen in any health professional.


From personal experience I can share that Paulette gave me more advice what to do for the symptoms I was having than a year filled with specialists were able to provide. After exploring for over a decade and a half I finally have solutions to my autoimmune issues because of Paulette.


Paulette has my highest endorsement both personally and professionally!


- Jenna Dodge, MS, CHES

  2015 Best of the Bay Winner for Personal Training


I adore Paulette and can't speak highly enough about her.  I refer everyone I speak to about health and nutrition to her.  She's very intuitive and knows where to begin with her clients so they see results and don't throw in the towel because the changes are too radical.  Plus, she's brilliant. She diagnosed my health issue months before my doctors did.  She's a gem. - Christine, Lakewood Ranch, FL


Working with Paulette Weber has been a great experience and quite possibly saved my life. She is knowledgeable, caring, and has a deep understanding of health. She also knows how to work with the medical system and offers helpful advice in navigating between natural and traditional healthcare options.


My doctor had signed off on blood results as being normal and was being unresponsive to my inquiries. Paulette looked at my blood work and was shocked - she communicated a sense of urgency both to me and another doctor in the practice. Only then did steps to an ultimate solution take place.


She followed up and checked on me through the whole process, even bringing me healthy food and reading material when I was home recovering from surgery!


I've recommended Paulette to others, too, who have had similar positive experiences. She has helped people find explanations and solutions that doctors could not provide.


Paulette is a gem of a person and truly dedicated to all aspects of healthy living- both personally and in her professional practice. - A.N., Bradenton, FL


Last year at this time I was a near 70 year old man with stage 4 kidney disease and my blood counts were going in the wrong direction.  At a ‘Davita' seminar the instructor gave the name of Paulette Weber.  I contacted her and made an appointment. Today not only has my blood counts stabilized,  but my physical and mental well being have improved dramatically.  Paulette put me on a Renal diet and worked with both my Nephrologist and General Practitioner. In one year I’ve lost 85 pounds.  My doctors are now beginning to remove or reduce my medications.  My wife is delighted with the new me.  There should be a ‘Paulette' in every doctors office. - Ken L., Sarasota, FL


After suffering with IBS and digestive problems for years, I met with Paulette Weber for five sessions in hopes of relieving the constant symptoms.  Paulette provided lots of information, both on paper and in her explanations.  After educating me I had some relief and was able to identify which foods caused sensitivity.  Paulette also suggested I take a few supplements and I found that the majority of my IBS symptoms virtually disappeared.  Paulette is extremely knowledgeable, and a very warm and genuinely caring person.  After each session, I received a follow up email summarizing our meeting and future goals, and often additional email responses to any questions I had.  I highly recommend Paulette to anyone seeking nutritional guidance.  Susan, Bradenton, FL


I would gladly recommend Paulette for both dietary and health maintenance advice. Paulette has been both a personal friend and dietitian for me for many years. I am a medical doctor and have attempted to lose weight on my own countless number of times. The end result was weight loss with a tremendous struggle, and then regain of the weight after my attempts ceased. With Paulette, I was able to lose 74 pounds, slowly, and keep it off hopefully forever. Paulette is kind, understanding, patient, encouraging, and a true inspiration." - Michael, Venice, FL


“I met with Paulette from June through August 2014. I had GI issues and wanted to know what foods were bothering me.   Paulette was so pleasant and knowledgeable.  At the end of my time meeting with her, my GI issues were gone and I felt so much better!  I now know what to eat to feel good and it’s because of Paulette.” - Sandra


“Paulette Weber is a savior!  When we first met with her, my husband was in stage 5 kidney disease. After several sessions with Paulette, my husband has maintained kidney function and has lost 32 lbs! We were so impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She created a step by step plan that was easy to maintain and included eating in our favorite restaurants! We feel so blessed that we met with Paulette and wish we had met her years ago." - Patricia


“Paulette Weber is extremely knowledgeable.  Before I met with her, I was short of breath when climbing stairs, doing the elliptical, or any activity that required much effort.  Upon receiving the diagnosis of anemia and needing a transfusion, a concerned friend suggested that I meet with Paulette.  I had never been to a nutritionist, but I was desperate to feel healthy again.  From our first meeting, it was obvious how passionate Paulette is about her work and the opportunity to help others feel their very best.  During that first appointment, we discussed my health history, meds and diet.  After discovering that I had been on an acid reducing drug for 2 years, she made it her focus to get acid back in my stomach resulting in better absorption of nutrients from the food I ate.  Soon I began to feel better physically and mentally!  She took the time to explain the benefits of eating food containing the nutrients that I needed, as well as making sure that I didn’t feel overwhelmed with new information. She also never recommended anything without documentation and an explanation of its benefits for me personally.  I am so thankful for Paulette and her gentle and caring ways! ” - Becky


I was referred to Paulette Weber, RD, LD/N, and CLT by my Internist during a flare-up of Ulcerated Colitis. Paulette was very knowledgeable regarding not only which foods to avoid but foods that contained ingredients that react at the molecular level that could be easily overlooked and should be avoided. During that time we discussed my overall health and I mentioned that I was dealing with stress, joint pain, and inflammation. She suggested that I try a program called LEAP. Lifestyle Eating and Performance. This involves a Food Sensitivity test, and an eating program specifically designed for the individual. I was willing to give it a try and after 3 months my results were astounding. I went from a 58 to a 7 on the Symptom Survey and was able to eliminate some of my medications. Paulette was a tremendous help during this process by not only providing me with the various food lists I could eat, and what to avoid, she also provided recipes, shopping lists, and the various places that I could purchase these items. Paulette offered great support during this process and I am very grateful for her help. She has an incredible knowledge of food chemistry and how it affects your body. She has given me a new perspective of foods, and how food can affect your body. Whatever your own symptoms might be, I would highly recommend Paulette Weber. - Forrest, Lakewood Ranch, FL


“Paulette is a very knowledgeable Dietitian and Nutritionist. I first went to see Paulette about 18 months ago when I was attempting to control my cholesterol issue with diet and exercise and to lose weight. Shortly thereafter I set a goal to get selected for Team USA and not only needed to lose weight but even more important to NOT lose muscle mass. Paulette became part of my training team and was able to help me create an eating plan that accomplished both weight loss and muscle retention. I have dropped 4% body fat while increasing my lean muscle mass and have lost a total of 20 pounds. Paulette is great to work with because she listens to you and what you want to accomplish and is able to provide guidance to help you achieve your goals. Following the plan established by Paulette and the rest of my training team I recently achieved my goal of being selected for Team USA.” - Carole


“I cannot thank Paulette Weber enough!  When I first met with her, I was very sick with intestinal (IBS) problems.  For over 5 years, I couldn’t eat anything without getting sick.  Medications prescribed by doctors were not working.  After only 3 months of meeting with Paulette my symptoms are cured!  I am off medication and feel so much better.  She gave me my life back and I’m so thankful!” - Ileen


“Paulette Weber is awesome!  I went to her as part of my insurance program in hopes she would be able to help me.  I have Celiac Disease and am limited in what I can eat, top that with the fact I do not like a lot of things, my meals were pretty much the same thing every day.  Paulette had a wealth of information of different ideas of things to eat.  She was able to get me to branch out from my chicken and brown rice but suggesting different gluten free grains I was not aware of prior to seeing her.  She gave me lots of recipe ideas and helped me to understand exactly what my disease is, and how to manage it better than I was.  I am also a fitness fanatic and by following me on My Fitness Pal for a few weeks, was able to give me guide lines of how I should be eating based on my crazy workout schedule and my limited food choices. I would recommend anyone with Celiac Disease, or anyone needing help with their nutrition, see Paulette!  She is amazing!!”

- Diana, Bradenton, FL


“By having a professional nutritionist’s guidance on proper nutrition, I was able to meet health goals that before had been a struggle. In less than a year, I reduced my body fat 6 percent and have learned simple ways to stay on track. With battling Thyroid disease since I was a child, I now feel I am on the right path to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

- Tammy, Manatee County



“I had no idea of the power of food on your health and how it makes you feel from day
to day until Paulette taught me how the two are truly linked together. The LEAP program that Paulette put me on worked tremendously well!! My allergies are diminished and sensitivities are almost non-existent. Thank you so much Paulette for the relief!!!”

- Mike, LEAP Patient, Sarasota, FL


I wanted to send a quick email to let you know what a fantastic job you did coaching my wife and myself over the past months. I for one am really hard headed as I am sure my wife will attest  so going into this I really had little faith that someone could give me usable advise to change our nutritional habits. You proved me wrong each and every time we all met. Your knowledge of the subject matter and passion you show toward nutrition is astounding! Who would have ever imagined I would be making sausage with no pork fat ?? or pork for that matter...


You really have been amazing and have most definitely made an impact on both our lives in the way of eating. We cannot wait to kick off another session with you!

- Ron, Manatee County



“Paulette was very informative and she went above and beyond my expectations. She explains how things affect you and in a way that you can understand. She always has my best interest in mind. I wish she could clone herself (LOL).” - Dolly, Bradenton, FL



“She listens and establishes a great rapport with the patient. I had the feeling that she cared about me and took into account my personality. She made herself available at all times and allowed me to ask questions over the phone and by email, even when we had moved back home after the season. She is still a major resource to us since the nutritionist here at home just hands out printed food lists and hardly knows us.” - Irwin, Pittsfield, MA



“Paulette educated me about complementary treatments for my health issues that
are largely nutrition-based, e.g. GERD, liver detox and anxiety. She gave me specific nutritional recommendations and provided examples of highly nutritious foods to add to
my diet. She helped me be more confident about the large amount of knowledge I already have and my overall healthy approach to life. Paulette has done so much to inform me and give me confidence in my ability to prevent and cure chronic conditions.”
Marion, Bradenton, FL



“About two years ago I met Dr. Hernando Weber, a nephrologist located in Sarasota, for treatment of my chronic kidney disease (CKD). After spending time in his office he recommended that my wife and I consult with a renal dietitian by the name of Paulette Weber (no relation!!).


We have received outstanding service from Paulette who has completely changed our lives. During our first consultation Paulette introduced us to products that were kidney friendly that would help slow the progress of CKD as well as methods of preparing food. She made us very aware of limiting my potassium and phosphorous intake and provided
a plethora of information about the content of these items in food. We travel extensively in our RV and Paulette has always been available via e-mail and telephone to answer questions and make suggestions. As we travel my blood tests have remained stable.
There is no question in our minds that without the outstanding service we receive from Paulette my CKD would be worsening and dialysis would be looming on the horizon sooner rather than later. We would recommend Paulette Weber, RD, LD/N, CLT to anyone with CKD who would benefit from Paulette’s knowledge and services.”

Richard and Marsha, Sun City Center, FL